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I'm thrilled to be part of the 2022 Mug Madness competition!


Mug Madness is a friendly international mug tournament

Held by Saltstone Ceramics, an artist-owned, independent ceramics gallery based in Seattle, the single-elimination bracket-style tournament is happening via the gallery's instagram accountStarting on March 1st, 64 mugs compete for the title of Mug Madness Champion.

Mug Madness is a good place to discover new ceramic artists

This year, Brandon Peña and Didem Mert are the two jurors who selected the pieces of the show. Not only can everyone vote for their favorite mugs, it's also a great opportunity to discover a large variety of art mugs and ceramists. You can also buy the mugs featured in the competition and expend your ceramic collection. I am very pleased to represent Québec in this competition with my tropical mug and compete with the Canadian Tuilelaith-Fionnuala Onòra in the first round. 

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Where can you buy Cybèle B Pilon mugs?

Interested in becoming a collector and don't know where to start? I've got tons of requests about where to buy my mugs. I intentionally keep a small scale production to be able to experiment and produce original and high end colorful handmade ceramics.  The best way to never miss a shop restock is to subscribe to my newsletter.


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