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You want to become an art collector? I honestly think art mugs are the best and easiest way to start collecting emerging art pieces. Here is 7 reasons why to start collecting mugs now. 

1.It’s one of the easiest way to start collecting art

There are a lot of potters and ceramic artists out there who make cool stuff and let's be honest, it's a lot less intimidating to buy a mug on the internet from the comfort of your home than to go to a stiff gallery to buy a painting!

2. For an affordable price, you can own something made by a world-renowned artist

Art mugs can be purchased at a relatively accessible price and there are also a lot of world-renowned artists that work with clay and make mugs! You may not be able to buy the famous Bel Air armchair by Peter Shire, a Los Angeles-based artist associated with the Memphis Group. Fortunately, you can have more: For about a hundred dollars, it is possible to buy one of his mugs that he makes himself in his Echo Park residence!


3.The diversity is endless

Mugs do not have 2 rigid dimensions like canvases, they have a very special sculptural dimension. Mugs are 3D canvases made from dirt that chemically react and create a variety of shapes, subjects, textures, colors which is so vast, it will never be fully explored. You may guide your selection by different factors like beauty and functionality which is perfectly fine! I also personally seek ambiguity, weirdness and discomfort.

4.You can use you art piece everyday

What could be better than a sculpture that we can use in our daily life rituals? I love art and I love art even more when it is closely interwoven into our lives. Even if the functionality of the mug is what sometimes devalues it, to me, there is nothing wrong with using a sculpture to drink your coffee! Art is not made to be only looked at!

5.Mugs are powerful vessels that bring art into the intimate space

The craft object has never been neutral: Through the materials or the methods of manufacture retained, a particular aesthetic or a message that it displays, it is eminently political. In fact, the object that penetrates in the intimate becomes subversive and powerful. By inserting itself into everyday life, the impact of art is powerful and cannot be matched by the cold entrenchments of a museum.

6. It’s easy to store

Don't bother with the space left on your walls, mugs fit on the kitchen shelf without any fuss!

7. It will always be limited and unique

Because of the handcrafted nature of an art mug, and the fact that it takes time to produce, it will always be unique and made in very limited numbers. This also means that sometimes you have to be quick to get your hands on a creation of your favorite artist. But trust me, you won't regret it!

Interested in becoming a collector and don't know where to start? I've got tons of requests about where to buy my mugs. I intentionally keep a small scale production to be able to experiment and produce original and high end colorful handmade ceramics. All my mugs are sold periodically on this site and the best way to never miss a shop restock is to subscribe to my newsletter.


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