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When I first started making ceramics, I found mugs to be a little boring and wanted to make everything but mugs in my production. However, over time, my tastes have matured and to my surprise, I have come to love mugs more than anything. A mug is indeed a wonderful caneva for artistic expression! It fits so well into people's everyday lives that it has become my favorite object.  

Oversized ceramic coffee mugs are my favorites pieces

My oversized ceramic coffee mugs are certainly my favorite pieces to do because they are bold, funny and precious at the same time. It is also my most popular functional art product because it’s very versatile. Those big mugs can easily hold up to 2 cups of hot beverage. You can use your mug to drink coffee, to hold broth, green smoothies, overnight oats and many other things! It’s the perfect gift for a designer mug lover or a collector. It also makes a unique and cool gift for a coffee lover. Ditch the new pair of shoes on workdays, those are the new statement pieces for a zoom! 

Proud to make locally sourced handmade canadian mugs 

Not only will you stand out with a designer coffee mug, you can collect them keeping ethic in mind! I am very proud to say that all my handmade ceramic coffee mugs are made in Canada, one by one, in my small pink studio in Montréal, Québec. To produce my contemporary canadian ceramics, I use a locally produced red earthenware clay that contains claystone from Gaspésie. In addition, since 2021, I only fire to low temperatures to be more sustainable in my studio practice and to reclaim a material perceived as less noble. 

My everyday ceramic pieces are perfect for collectors

Besides the ethical and local aspect of my production, what is unique about my art coffee mugs is that all of them are different. That's why it's so perfect to collect them. My designs are the result of infinite variations on a single theme and my inspiration comes from my French Canadian material culture (quilts, visual archives, built heritage, popular objects, etc.). All the patterns are hand painted and enhanced with real gold. My production also evolves greatly over time. For this reason, each piece is signed and dated with the year of production. This way, you can track the changes in my production more easily when you start to collect them!

Where can you buy Cybèle B Pilon mugs?

Interested in becoming a collector and don't know where to start? I got a lot of requests about where to buy my mugs. I purposely keep my production very small  to be able to experiment and produce original and high end colorful handmade ceramics. All my coffee mugs are sold periodically on this site and the best way to never miss a drop is to subscribe to my newsletter. 

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