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"Do you want a cup of tea my dear?" was the first sentence I learn to say in English while I was a child. Playing afternoon tea party with my dolls was fun but when I started learning pottery, I must confess that I found mugs to be a little boring. Over time, my tastes matured and unique ceramics tea mugs became beloved collection items in my shop. Mugs are indeed a great way to express my creativity and to drink your tea in style!

Become a small art collector: my everyday ceramic tea mugs are perfect to collect

As for teas, what is unique about my mugs is that, all of them are different. That's why collecting them is so appropriate. Needless to say that, because of their small size, they do not take up much storage space in the kitchen cupboards. It can also be proudly displayed on a shelf, as the colors will surely add a little extra punch to your place! My colorful designs are the result of infinite variations of a single drawing inspired by my French Canadian material culture (quilts, visual archives, built heritage, pop culture, etc.). I hand paint all the patterns myself and enhanced everything with real 22k gold. I also let my production evolves over time. As a way to easily follow the development in my work when you start collecting it, I sign and date each piece.



Ceramic tea mugs are the cutest pieces of my production
My small ceramic tea mugs are a baby version of my oversized coffee mug. I love those cuties because they are colorful, precious and delicate. It is also one of my most popular functional art products because the small mug fits under an espresso machine. The mug is thus great for espresso drinkers and tea lovers. Those mugs can hold up to 7 ounces of green tea, pu er tea or whatever fancy aged tea you crave! They are the perfect gift for a designer mug lover, a collector or espresso junkies. Ditch the new pair of leather shoes on workdays, those are the new sophisticated statement piece for a zoom!

Very happy to make locally sourced Canadian mugs

Buy an eco-friendly ceramic mug! Not only will you stand out with a designer tea mug, you can collect them while keeping the environment in mind! The fact that all my handmade ceramic tea mugs are made locally in Montréal, Québec, Canada by myself is something I am very proud of. I am also very excited to use a locally produced red earthenware clay that contains claystone from Gaspésie. To produce my contemporary Canadian ceramics, I only fire to low temperatures since 2021 as a way to be more sustainable in my studio practice. It also allows me to reclaim a material (earthenware) perceived as less noble.

Where can you buy Cybèle B Pilon mugs?

Interested in becoming a collector and don't know where to start? I've got tons of requests about where to buy my mugs. I intentionally keep a small scale production to be able to experiment and produce original and high end colorful handmade ceramics. All my small tea mugs are sold periodically on this site and the best way to never miss a shop restock is to subscribe to my newsletter.

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