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Rustic christmas ornament J | Made to order

Small rustic Christmas ornament made with clay from Gaspésie and 22k gold. This object is handmade by Cybèle B.Pilon in Montréal, Québec, Canada. 

Materials : Red earthenware from a clay deposit in Mont-joli, Gaspésie. underglaze, real gold.

24$ each if you buy 1 ornament
20$ each if you but 3 ornaments 

**Prices will be 
adjusted automatically**


Dimensions: The size of the ornaments vary because they are made by hand. The ornament ordered may be larger or smaller than shown here. There may be a gap of about 1cm. The shape of the ornament is organic and bumpy.

Processing delay: Ornaments are made to order. You must allow 14 days for me to make the ornament before the order can be dispatched.


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