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MHM Pictorial repertory was made with the collaboration of the maisons de la culture Mercier and Maisonneuve. The project MHM Pictorial repertory invited the population to look at their environment through the lens of decorative patterns and was deployed in two steps:

1. A walking tour of 25 stops in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
2. A repertory of 100 patterns collected in the borough by the population and the artist 

The patterns were collected between November 2020 and January 2021 and transposed into a mosaic of 100 decorative tiles. They are remnants of the past, traces of the present, pretexts to tell a story, talk about a reality, protest... By focusing on the patterns found in the public space, I begin a dialogue on the role -often wrongly perceived as passive- that ornamentation plays in our daily life. As an artist and professional ceramist based in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, I have always been interested in ornamentation as a form of visual communication as well as a means of transmitting and transforming our heritage.

The repertoire can be consulted here: @repertoire.pictural.mhm

First tile : (Parc Lalancette) The first one shows the weird pattern created by an historical accumulation of snowmen in Montreal following the first storm of 2021. An unusual ephemeral pattern that is partially explained by the accumulation of sticky snow. It is also the consequence of a Quebec’s strict confinement and curfew.

Second tile : The second tile shows a Pattern found on a ridge that crowned a house in Viauville. Do you see clovers? This house was built by TREFFLÉ (cloverleaf in french) Bleau who was three times mayor of the former town of Maisonneuve. 

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