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I decided to play with a new material this year: Beeswax! I am proud to present my new candles collection made entirely with Canadian beeswax. They are real functional sculptures cast by hand by myself (Cybèle B.Pilon) in Montreal. The shapes were made from ceramic sculptures that I handbuilt and moulded myself in order to transpose the organic spirit of clay to wax.

A production in continuity with my work...  
Although clay is my favourite material, what interests me the most in my work is to use everyday object as a premise for creation. The domestic space is for me a place of experimentation and artistic diffusion. I just love what we can find there!

The candle, a multiform object
The candle is among my fetish objects. Strongly linked to the notion of ritual, the candle was first used for its ability to provide light around 500 BC. Today, its function has changed to become more decorative. Although in the past I have created soy candles with bacon, grass and campfire scents, it is the sculptural potential of wax that interests me today (Unfortunately, candles’s odors give me headaches). I prefer to use beeswax and its natural and subtle odor of...honey!

A new field of experimentation  
Each material has its own specificities and behavior that we must tame. Working with a new material requires acquiring new knowledge and sharpening our material intelligence. This represents a beautiful challenge but opens the door to a new world of experimentations. I therefore propose a permanent production of 8 models of beeswax candles. Sporadically, I will propose unique, colorful and more experimental variations (with adornments like beads, flowers and pompoms) on the site!

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